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Welcome to BookShelfTagHolders.com!

I am Jay Jaffe, President of Jaffe Associates, LLC. For the past 25 years I worked for the Anglers Roslyn Group (U.S. Gerslyn LLC) and (Gerslyn LLC) until they closed their doors in September. However, because of my wide breadth of experience and knowledge of their products which offer superb quality and fair pricing, I have chosen to open my own distribution business to continue to serve your needs. Additionally, my extensive background in the business supplies profession will assure you that I will be able to find those products that you have been unsuccessfully searching for.

**Please note that Art Portfolios and Presentation Binders are now available. **Also please view our new items page. Vinyl envelopes with adhesive backing in nine sizes are also now in stock.

If you have any questions please contact me.


We sell Book Shelf Tag Holders, Apparel, and more! Both models (top and side loading) accept 4 x 5 inserts. Their myriad features include:

  • Holds and protects shelf title cards

  • Both available models have a transparent front and color back in a wide variety of colors (see my order page)

  • Gives a uniform look to shelf units. Allows color coding if inventory by category, subject, school, etc.

  • Extremely durable; will last for years. Will not crack or yellow.

  • The best method for keeping shelf title cards always visible, protected against tearing or soiling.

  • Title cards are easily removed for inventory control notations, etc.

  • Gives the customer necessary information about books at a glance.

  • Available as pressure sensitive card holder. Allows adherence of top flap section to shelf ( Stock #JA103 )